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Greenville Flooring Specialists are licensed and certified flooring installers of hardwood floors, carpet, tile and laminate flooring that will beautify your home. Started in 1999 by the father and son team of Josh and Brian Reid. Call us, the dedicated installation professionals, now. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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You walk on them, you play on them, you work on them, you do everything on them. Your floors are one of the most important parts of a home and when our job is done you will love your new floor.

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<p>All the adequate, bad and the ugly flooring service providers are discovered in huge city yellow pages. Looking through a dozen pages is time consuming and the size of the ad doesn't suggest quality. Some communications companies issue a smaller sized local directory, for the areas of the city and here you might find a local service provider with local references. If you live in a small town this could be all a moot point, though. You might have a little newspaper that is dispersed in your location. You can tell if it is just an advertising circular, or a real community journal by looking up it's classified area. It should be full of legitimate local ads. This is an indication of a well known community paper. Tradesmen that note in these documents normally will have scads of regional customers. I promoted for about 15 years in a nonprofit community paper that was provided door to door by volunteers (talk about local support!)</p> <p>Buddies and households that are very happy with the flooring professional they employed are a vital source to tap. But know that they may not have the very same standards as you for judging quality work. At a minimum you'll have the ability to look at the work that was done and choose on your own. Make certain to ask if the tradespeople kept on a predictable schedule.</p> <p>When getting quotes be sure of what you want, by gathering as much impartial info prior to hand. Check out a book from the library (there are some good ones noted in the Getting Knowledgeable section ). Constantly question the source of the guidance, manufacturer associations are really there to safeguard their members, and guess who pays the bills. Look for consumer driven info that will offer you the great story and the bad stories about wood flooring items. You will certainly then be able to take charge of getting at least 3 composed quotes on the very same quality of work you understand to be best, not merely the market requirement.</p> <p>Hardwood floor replacement is not a floor covering, it is floor carpentry. Some of the big showrooms that sell all kinds of flooring might not have the know-how to find out what is the best wood floor for your home. Some prefinished floor is not fit for each home out there. You would never hear this from a showroom salesperson. Contracting for the setup at one of these places doesn't enable you to gauge your installer, and this is the person who can make or break the job.</p> <p>An existing wood floor that is to be resanded, needs to be thoroughly examined in person. Lots of old floors have actually been sanded too many times during their life and there are many alternatives to merely replacing the wood. A good contractor will have more than one solution to this issue in most cases. They need to also know when a floor can not be salvaged and explain why.</p> <p>Punctuality is a great sign of a well adapted contractor. Do they appear on time for the quote or call when they will be late? Do they return your calls? If not imagine what it will resemble when the task is done and you have actually got an issue or concern.</p> <p>Never ever pay more than a partial deposit and only pay that for a guaranteed start date. Do not pay any more than that before the material is delivered for the task, and after that just exactly what you have already agreed to. Make certain to inspect the material before you pay to make sure it's exactly what you purchased. An honest professional will certainly be quite happy to do this. From then on pay just when install has been made and a schedule of payments must be mapped out in the contract. A big last payment ought to held back at the end, you would be surprised how rapidly they will react to your questions or priorities when you owe them money.</p> <p>Finding a solid contractor can be a tough job, but doing it right the first time can save you a lot of time, money and headaches later. Be sure to select your flooring contractor wisely.</p>